Colorful Fish Fishing Challenge

In this episode of BlacktipH, I attempt the Colorful Fish Fishing Challenge. The goal is to catch as many different colored fish as possible. The first fish that I caught was a strawberry grouper, and it was a pinkish color. Our second fish was a mutton snapper, which was our red-colored fish. After releasing the mutton snapper, I caught a porgy, which is a gray fish. Next, I caught a yellowtail snapper, which, of course, was our yellow-colored fish. Shortly afterward, I caught a very colorful wrasse fish. This vibrant fish was our blue fish. During the same drift, I caught a sandy tilefish, which was our green fish. At this point in the day, I had captured six different colored fish. On our next several drifts, I caught a grunt (goldish-brown fish) and two wrasse fish. One of the wrasses had a vibrant light blue color, and the other had more of a purple color. We went offshore to deeper water, and I hooked a blackfin tuna. The blackfin tuna was our black colored fish and the tenth different colored fish of the day. Minutes later, I caught our eleventh colored fish, a blue runner (very light blue). Our final catch of the day was a bull shark, which was the brown colored fish. In total, we caught twelve different colored fish and exceeded our expectations.
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