[MV] ONEUS(원어스) _ A Song Written Easily(쉽게 쓰여진 노래)

[MV] ONEUS(원어스) _ A Song Written Easily(쉽게 쓰여진 노래)

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  • Zero nine six ;)))))

    Cheeze BizCheeze Biz時間 前
  • 팬이에용

    Luan NguyenLuan Nguyen時間 前
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="36">0:36</a> 초에 얘 누군지 아시는 분...??.? 제발 알려주세요

    So Jung LeeSo Jung Lee時間 前
  • Nice song love the beat

    Darline MadereDarline Madere3 時間 前
  • this video is a masterpiece it deserves so much more

    SharonSharon3 時間 前
  • o nine five

    maHa NBTMmaHa NBTM3 時間 前
  • Zero nine five

    Cheeze BizCheeze Biz4 時間 前
  • I love u guys, I hope you can receive all the love of the world

    Luuh._ 11Luuh._ 114 時間 前
  • I'm in love with this song, thank u ♡♡

    Luuh._ 11Luuh._ 115 時間 前
  • bby moonie here. Lets go ONEUS

    sunfleursunfleur5 時間 前
  • Man, like srsly, the groups that debuted in 2019 are awesome. They give a total different vibe.

    SreyaSreya13 時間 前
  • Zero eight eight ;))))

    Cheeze BizCheeze Biz15 時間 前
  • me to the people who don't know oneus: *let me tell you what you're missing :)*

    Kayla EmelynnKayla Emelynn16 時間 前
  • What is there to dislike this song

    Raya MathewRaya Mathew17 時間 前
  • The whistle portion has a different fan base😍.

    Raya MathewRaya Mathew17 時間 前
  • o eight seven

    maHa NBTMmaHa NBTM17 時間 前
  • i now have 3 fave song from 3 different groups, Save Me of BTS, Don't Wanna Cry of Seventeen, and A Song Written Easily of ONEUS, These 3 are so so sos so so so so beautiful

    Kim AmbroseKim Ambrose19 時間 前
    • you got taste ^^

      maHa NBTMmaHa NBTM17 時間 前
  • say sike now new group to stan it is.

    SapphireRachSapphireRach日 前
    • hahaha the way I felt this :') also me every time I stan a new group: "watch me ult xy" and then I stan them really bad for like 3 weeks and then kind of forget about them (as in they get pushed into my 'casual stanning'-list) 😅 it definitely wasn't the same with oneus (and some other groups) though! And honestly it'd be so amazing if you joined us to moons on our journey!! You're super welcome to the family ^^

      seoho sunshineseoho sunshine14 時間 前
  • Morning Moonies ^^

    maHa NBTMmaHa NBTM日 前
  • o eight two

    maHa NBTMmaHa NBTM日 前
    • @seoho sunshine these comments are to keep the track of nums...and little effort to comment section alive...Btw i dont see many to moons in comment section daily

      maHa NBTMmaHa NBTM4 時間 前
    • What's with these comments? 😅😅

      seoho sunshineseoho sunshine14 時間 前
  • Please tell me who is who

    Dzakiiya 05Dzakiiya 05日 前
    • 0:44 Hwanwoong ( main dancer) 1:03 Leedo ( Rapper) 1:24 Keonhee ( main vocal) 2:11 Xion ( voacl , maknae ) 2:26 Ravn ( Oldest , rapper , producer) 2:49 Seoho ( Main vocal)

      maHa NBTMmaHa NBTM日 前
  • love these guys!

    yaara maromyaara marom日 前
  • This song is very reminiscent of Beast's On Rainy Days from 2011. And I think that's what really draws me to this song. On Rainy Days is still one of my favorite Beast songs, and this song is now my favorite Oneus songs.

    PandarittoPandaritto日 前
  • So beautiful🥺🥺❤️❤️❤️

    موده عارفموده عارف日 前
  • It’s funny cause this came out the exact same day my breakup happened

    Assassin BunzAssassin Bunz日 前
  • My favourite ONEUS mv. Everything is beautiful here

    лизаветализавета日 前
  • This place is so nice so they're beautiful song

    Suwi konoスイSuwi konoスイ日 前
  • I don't even know this group but damn this song is soo amazing.! It's should be more famous..! Such calm soothing melody 😍😍

    Ankit SinghAnkit Singh日 前
  • I found this song through pops in seoul and i M obsessed with it now❤❤

    Kpop AddictionKpop Addiction日 前
  • perfeitos

    goiabinha goiabagoiabinha goiaba日 前
  • o seven three

    Cheeze BizCheeze Biz日 前
  • I m drinking milk....wbu ??

    maHa NBTMmaHa NBTM日 前
    • Water

      Cheeze BizCheeze Biz日 前
  • o seven three

    maHa NBTMmaHa NBTM日 前
  • Falling love with this song❤️💯

    Ayana RoseeAyana Rosee日 前
  • The world need to stop sleeping on my boys!

    Liv EstrellaLiv Estrella2 日 前
  • o six eight

    maHa NBTMmaHa NBTM2 日 前
  • 0 six eight

    Cheeze BizCheeze Biz2 日 前
  • la sacaron justo el dia de mi cumpleaños

    Camen Amaro HuayllaCamen Amaro Huaylla2 日 前
  • Wowwww this song is so good.. 👍👍👍

    snowbliss yoongisnowbliss yoongi2 日 前
  • "hurts more than a breakup" sooo,,, is the person dead

    RowanRowan2 日 前
  • You are one of my favorite groups EVER. ONEUS, you're special and very talented. Thank you for your hard work!

    younglittlejaeyounglittlejae2 日 前
  • I came after stan them in road to kingdom...

    Awatif DaudAwatif Daud2 日 前
    • Welcome to the fandom ^^

      maHa NBTMmaHa NBTM2 日 前
  • omg masterpiece

    x xx x2 日 前
  • O cenário desse clipe é muito perfeito aff e a música vô nem comentar

    Mônica SouzaMônica Souza2 日 前
  • Suka sekali 👍👍

    arliansyaharliansyah2 日 前
  • i dont wanna say this but vi3ws daily progress is terriblre...Its not like we have 10 or 12 mvs...Just 4 .. I mean we can spin and commen atleast twice ..Come on dudes we can do better than this .. Fighting !!

    maHa NBTMmaHa NBTM2 日 前
  • o five nine

    maHa NBTMmaHa NBTM2 日 前
  • 노래 너무좋네요!!!

    H YouH You2 日 前
  • I know it’s really annoying to bring other groups into another video, but Oneus and Ateez really create beautiful music❤️

    ActualJay _ActualJay _3 日 前
  • Starry Night made by the same producer got like 80 million views why doesn't this get 100 million views!!!?

    James Henry SmithJames Henry Smith3 日 前
  • Why when they come out of the same company as Mamamoo are they only getting 2 million views while HIP gets 120 million!!!!

    James Henry SmithJames Henry Smith3 日 前
    • Mamamoo started from the bottom as well. Oneus will get there in time.

      Cloudiii DyCloudiii Dy19 時間 前

    Michi RodgzMichi Rodgz3 日 前
  • English subtitles are available u can listen to this amazing song with eng subs..

    Hidden SpotlightHidden Spotlight3 日 前
  • wow they did mingi dirty, no lines, not in the mv, we have only seen him once promoting with the group. it’s so sad

    Haechan’s TouchHaechan’s Touch3 日 前
    • Mingi is probably playing hide and seek. 😁😅

      Hidden SpotlightHidden Spotlight3 日 前
  • When i listen this with 1.25x speed, i got summer vibes

    Fany Fistika RFany Fistika R3 日 前
  • I cant be the only TO MOON here!

    AuxAux3 日 前
  • ME ENAMORE POR 10384471727384929 VEZ DE ELLOS♡♡♡♡dioses preciosos♡♡♡♡

    Alexia AstorgaAlexia Astorga3 日 前
  • c'mon moonies we can do better than this

    maHa NBTMmaHa NBTM3 日 前
  • o four four

    maHa NBTMmaHa NBTM3 日 前
  • How come this super catchy summer song has only 2mil views??....

    Helen MKHelen MK3 日 前
  • This is the most aesthetic mv I've ever seen

    Ramisa NurRamisa Nur3 日 前
    • Yes this M/V was among the top 10 beautiful M/Vs in 2020.

      Hidden SpotlightHidden Spotlight3 日 前
  • *I can feel Keonhee's charm in this song! I think more than the other song :')*

    My LifeMy Life3 日 前
  • The best♡

  • comment j'ai pu rater ca

    Liantsoa HavanaLiantsoa Havana4 日 前
  • Im obsessed with this song, this song should be talked about more :(

    Tooba HaqTooba Haq4 日 前
  • 영어 겁나 잘한다 대박!!!!!

    이학건이학건4 日 前
    • 100 점

      이학건이학건4 日 前
    • 굿

      이학건이학건4 日 前
  • jpproject.info/it/bideo/p8fUqpm_gLGFtIE

    xxx 82yxxx 82y4 日 前
  • ONEUS is the only rookies Group that I find every single comeback will always be better tha before.they started at such a strong concept with Valkyrie(Reming us the original k-pop 2010'S songs);Twilight(rendition is full with nowadays' trends);Lit(Sageuk concept that is rarely delivered by any groups);and now A Song Written Easily. If you guys don't stan ONEUS,you have leet out a lot.I believe that Tomoons will always be by their side forever!!💙😭😭

    나히나히4 日 前
    • @Claudia Molinas thanks,FOREVER!

      나히나히2 日 前
    • What nice words,TOMOON FOREVER!!💙

      Claudia MolinasClaudia Molinas2 日 前
  • This song is... So... So beautiful....

    SerraSerra4 日 前
  • found this song while playing random song on spotify, turn out this is so good!

    naynay4 日 前
  • oneus needs more fans I SWEAR THEY ARE SO TALENTED AND YES

    beaan felixbeaan felix4 日 前
  • i love it

    Ekaterina ChiminEkaterina Chimin4 日 前

    insólitoinsólito4 日 前

    insólitoinsólito4 日 前
  • Why I don't notice they before?

    insólitoinsólito4 日 前
    • Its never too Late..Welcome ^^

      maHa NBTMmaHa NBTM3 日 前
    • It's okay never be late. WELCOME to our fandom.

      InTo MoonInTo Moon4 日 前
  • OMG

    insólitoinsólito4 日 前
  • This is my first time listening their song and I'm already in love with them I hate myself for sleeping on them till now

    Aariya Bts wiffyAariya Bts wiffy4 日 前
    • Welcome to Oneus!! Thank you for checking them out~ If you have any questions about them pls feel free to ask :)

      Suki KiraiSuki Kirai4 日 前
  • Love this sonng!! Came back after finding out that Younghoon (lead singer for brother group ONEWE ) is the one whistling 🥺 i honestly thought it was a loop or something already made, turns out its actual whistling 😱 he mentioned in an interview that he did it for about 2 hours without knowing whos song it was... i am amazed at rbw artist honestly 🤩🤩 back to ONEUS i am loving every second of this soo much 😍 I never thought i would really fall in deep with any other group like i did with bts back then, but im hooked I have officially become a To Moon 💓💓

    12345 abcdefg12345 abcdefg4 日 前
    • welcome to our family^^

      sherlyyna ' ssherlyyna ' s4 日 前
  • I'm a to moon and weve here to say support oneus's brother group, onewe and stream end of spring!

    Your Local OverlordYour Local Overlord4 日 前
  • Accidentally saw this mv and it's good. Might stan them tho

    Fancy MochiFancy Mochi4 日 前
    • @Hidden Spotlight thank you for the warm welcome 😊

      Fancy MochiFancy Mochi日 前
    • Hi Welcome to our fandom named To Moon!

      Hidden SpotlightHidden Spotlight4 日 前