PARENTS REACT TO OUR NEW SONG! "You Know You Lit ft. Lil Pump"

This was SO FUNNY!
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PARENTS REACT TO OUR NEW SONG! "You Know You Lit ft. Lil Pump"





    Lucas and MarcusLucas and Marcus11 ๆ—ฅ ๅ‰
    • Congrats

      Arturo CordovaArturo Cordova4 ๆ™‚้–“ ๅ‰
    • Jou guys are lid

      Taseman MorientesTaseman Morientes6 ๆ—ฅ ๅ‰
    • Jou guys are lid

      Taseman MorientesTaseman Morientes6 ๆ—ฅ ๅ‰
    • Noooooo donโ€™t delete it I love it

      Jakobi LeeJakobi Lee10 ๆ—ฅ ๅ‰
    • I have never got a give away

      Andrea HuffmanAndrea Huffman10 ๆ—ฅ ๅ‰
  • Nice auto tune mush mouth

    Cabin.feverCabin.fever21 ๅˆ† ๅ‰
  • Well i kinda agree with the fact that your dad said its cringey i ain't trying to be rude tho its just because when i was listening to the music it was kinda cringey๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€

    Lynette UhilaLynette Uhila34 ๅˆ† ๅ‰
  • Guys I have been reincarnated 3 times because I feel like I died each time they made and remade this song.

    JoshJosh54 ๅˆ† ๅ‰
  • 20 million dobre army๐Ÿ˜โคโค

    David OfficialDavid Officialๆ™‚้–“ ๅ‰
  • I don't really like the song to the song. For a couple reasons pls don't be hurt I am a BIG fan.... I think Christina's outfit was a bit cringe and I want to know why i v a n i t a look so sad / mad not everyone was singing now I got to say Marcus hot unless I'm surprised he single because yeah but besides all of that it was a great song big fan of the twins the dobre brothers Cyrus and Christina even though I said I just being honest Darius and Maddie Brothers I love you

    Mari KuderMari Kuderๆ™‚้–“ ๅ‰
  • i never had a phone

    Jaquavious KnightJaquavious Knightๆ™‚้–“ ๅ‰
  • and iphone enter done

    Jaquavious KnightJaquavious Knightๆ™‚้–“ ๅ‰
  • you made the song on my birthday

    Jaquavious KnightJaquavious Knightๆ™‚้–“ ๅ‰

    2 Sloww2 Slowwๆ™‚้–“ ๅ‰
  • Today was my birthday ๐Ÿ˜Šโ˜บ๏ธ๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿฅฐ๐Ÿ˜

    Kurene Pa'agaKurene Pa'agaๆ™‚้–“ ๅ‰
  • My name is Skylar๐Ÿ–ค๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿงก๐Ÿ’™โค๏ธ๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ˜

    Rosy - ChanRosy - Chanๆ™‚้–“ ๅ‰
  • If they only knew๐Ÿ˜‚

    DopeDraxler XDDopeDraxler XD2 ๆ™‚้–“ ๅ‰
  • ุณู„ุงู…

    Sultan AlkhalafSultan Alkhalaf2 ๆ™‚้–“ ๅ‰
  • @trippie_isthebxst13 on Instagram

  • Done

    Denia NoreliDenia Noreli2 ๆ™‚้–“ ๅ‰
  • Please

    Cash HebertCash Hebert2 ๆ™‚้–“ ๅ‰
  • 8.5

    Gamar WrightGamar Wright3 ๆ™‚้–“ ๅ‰
  • โ€œiPhone entryโ€ โ€œDoneโ€ Why: I hit a child with my car

    Just Call Me BradJust Call Me Brad3 ๆ™‚้–“ ๅ‰
  • This song is cringe and horrible

    Keyly PerezKeyly Perez3 ๆ™‚้–“ ๅ‰
  • My @ is @kaylynnrj2009 on instagram

    Kaylynn JohnsonKaylynn Johnson3 ๆ™‚้–“ ๅ‰
  • Done i want this iphone becasue my mom said i can do anything to get an iphone and lucky me i watched this video and i can possibly get an iphone 11 my family is full of iphones but everytime i ask they dont give me any of there old ones so for u guys to say that u are giving out a iphone 11 made my heart light up because my sister is mad at me at the moment and everyone is having a rough time during quarantine so it would be a blessing if i could win an iphone 11 thx if u read this and dobre brothers for life โœŒ

    Kaylynn JohnsonKaylynn Johnson4 ๆ™‚้–“ ๅ‰
    • And my @ is @kaylynnrj2009 thats my instagram

      Kaylynn JohnsonKaylynn Johnson3 ๆ™‚้–“ ๅ‰
  • Can you visit me sometime because I live in Pennsylvania and my mom won't let me go to your concerts to see you

    Kameah TurnerKameah Turner4 ๆ™‚้–“ ๅ‰
  • I love your vids

    Kameah TurnerKameah Turner4 ๆ™‚้–“ ๅ‰
  • Love your song

    Makayla MartinoMakayla Martino5 ๆ™‚้–“ ๅ‰
  • Tbh I dont like the song because of the girls in the bikinis and the adults ate faking there reaction duh ain't it obvious

    Weird channelWeird channel5 ๆ™‚้–“ ๅ‰
  • Journee

    Jazzilynn AltonJazzilynn Alton5 ๆ™‚้–“ ๅ‰
  • I love you the new song from you guys ๐Ÿ’˜๐Ÿ’–

    Julia RautiJulia Rauti6 ๆ™‚้–“ ๅ‰
  • Faith is my name

    Gemma LewisGemma Lewis6 ๆ™‚้–“ ๅ‰
  • Done , why:because I really want a phone

    Dania BenaissaDania Benaissa6 ๆ™‚้–“ ๅ‰
  • 10 to 10

    Mayra ThomasMayra Thomas6 ๆ™‚้–“ ๅ‰
  • So so funny

    Ana PachucaAna Pachuca7 ๆ™‚้–“ ๅ‰
  • ๐Ÿ‘ค๐Ÿ‘ค๐Ÿ‘ค๐Ÿ‘ค

    Santos AmayaSantos Amaya7 ๆ™‚้–“ ๅ‰
  • Mom: you look so classy Me: They weโ€™re swimsuit and bikinis

    Mia _coolMia _cool7 ๆ™‚้–“ ๅ‰
  • Your cheerleader mom why do you guys go with the most popular rappers for views.......... Also your mom said she would gibe a good reaction but in the thump nail you can see their chat bubble their not good reactions what you have to say about that......

    Lairam KulthangLairam Kulthang7 ๆ™‚้–“ ๅ‰
    • I meant to say give btw in my first sentence

      Lairam KulthangLairam Kulthang7 ๆ™‚้–“ ๅ‰
  • Why did you block comments on the song btw that was not lil pump why did you do this with snitch 9ine...

    Lairam KulthangLairam Kulthang7 ๆ™‚้–“ ๅ‰
  • 10 out of 10

    Tarik ChebliTarik Chebli7 ๆ™‚้–“ ๅ‰
  • I want a iPhone plz๐Ÿ™

    Tiffany FloresTiffany Flores8 ๆ™‚้–“ ๅ‰
  • I love guys soooooo much my name is BELLA

    Tiffany FloresTiffany Flores8 ๆ™‚้–“ ๅ‰
  • "IPhone entry" I like, comment and subscribe and turn on post notifications The reason: my family is really poor we are barely surviving without food my family is not working to buy any food and I want to help them ๐Ÿ˜ข I would be SOO HAPPY if I won this giveaway so I can make videos to help them You probably won't see this message because u have a lot of fans๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญand im afraid of loosing my family You deserve more than 20 million subscribers

    Bre AvakinBre Avakin9 ๆ™‚้–“ ๅ‰
  • I'm Thanush Krishna.. Can u giveaway that iPhone to me

  • ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™

    Olivia DeboardOlivia Deboard11 ๆ™‚้–“ ๅ‰
  • I do hope i get notice small youtube account hope you guys will subscribe into my channel :) Loud and Proud Filipino I'm a fan of Lucas and Marcus since 2017

    July EguiaJuly Eguia11 ๆ™‚้–“ ๅ‰
  • โ€œiPhone entryโ€ โ€œdoneโ€ why:I want to win so I can give it to someone because I already have one.

    LEGO CrewLEGO Crew11 ๆ™‚้–“ ๅ‰
  • 9/10

    Colin J.Colin J.12 ๆ™‚้–“ ๅ‰
  • I love you guys yous are the best ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š

    Jessie SmithJessie Smith12 ๆ™‚้–“ ๅ‰
  • I m Krishna a nepal

    Santi GurungSanti Gurung12 ๆ™‚้–“ ๅ‰
  • Comes in and cough Me:I'm out

    life as lil shaqlife as lil shaq12 ๆ™‚้–“ ๅ‰
  • You new song is lit

    Yabom SesayYabom Sesay12 ๆ™‚้–“ ๅ‰
  • 'Iphone entry' "Done" Its my dream/wish that I can have a iphone cellphone.I wish im the one who get your giveaway...Im always happy when i see your videos even if im your new subscriber..

    Jona OrayJona Oray13 ๆ™‚้–“ ๅ‰
  • Marcus got the best verse

    Wedamuni NithulaWedamuni Nithula13 ๆ™‚้–“ ๅ‰
  • Name. Callie

    Melissa EellsMelissa Eells13 ๆ™‚้–“ ๅ‰
  • I love the Mom

    Amy ParrishAmy Parrish13 ๆ™‚้–“ ๅ‰
  • Hey!!! I love the new song

    Willow CastonWillow Caston14 ๆ™‚้–“ ๅ‰
  • I love you guys so much you 'really so cool

    Randy MangalRandy Mangal14 ๆ™‚้–“ ๅ‰
  • 9/10

    cathy Babchakcathy Babchak14 ๆ™‚้–“ ๅ‰
  • I really wanted a iPhone my brithday is coming up it's on June 5 I thought you'll give me a present

    cathy Babchakcathy Babchak14 ๆ™‚้–“ ๅ‰
  • Nice song๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿผ

    Ylli NebiuYlli Nebiu16 ๆ™‚้–“ ๅ‰
  • 1 to 10 I vote 10

    Zachary HanifZachary Hanif17 ๆ™‚้–“ ๅ‰
  • Probably only reason they doin iPhone giveaway is so the comments canโ€™t focus on the song and talk trash๐Ÿ’€๐Ÿ’€

    Andrew SejasAndrew Sejas18 ๆ™‚้–“ ๅ‰
  • I have done it. Please can l hav the iPhone everyone has it in the family except from me.

    Lulu TanikLulu Tanik18 ๆ™‚้–“ ๅ‰
  • I thought Darius was like hugging red gatorade

    Stella YanStella Yan18 ๆ™‚้–“ ๅ‰
  • i like this video and i just subscribe

    Cindytan Lye ShinCindytan Lye Shin20 ๆ™‚้–“ ๅ‰
  • I love the Sony

    Willo MclachlanWillo Mclachlan20 ๆ™‚้–“ ๅ‰
  • Bro they have straight faces while talking to there parents doesnโ€™t seem like they have any emotions towards them or even excited there parents like the video and the acting idk doesnโ€™t seem right itโ€™s off a bit

    Unknown PAWUnknown PAW20 ๆ™‚้–“ ๅ‰
  • 10 out of 10

    suzette transuzette tran20 ๆ™‚้–“ ๅ‰
  • iPhone Entry. Done! Why? My laptop just broke and I have an old android. I heard iPhones are great for holding huge files, which I need to send my school work to my professor during this quarantine. Cant afford to buy a new laptop or better phone right now. Have to save every penny since my hours at work have been cut a lot due to covid19. Still thankful to at least have a job. Please help! Thanks.

    selene romanselene roman20 ๆ™‚้–“ ๅ‰
  • My name is Skylah and I love your videos

    BreezusTvBreezusTv21 ๆ™‚้–“ ๅ‰
  • "iphone entry'' ''done'' why: because my mum got the iphone 11 pro max and dropped it on a concrete floor and i want to give her that one for her birthday

    Mr everythingMr everything21 ๆ™‚้–“ ๅ‰
  • I don't like it at all

    yt X2sweatssyt X2sweatss21 ๆ™‚้–“ ๅ‰
  • 6/10

    Jeff JefferyJeff Jeffery21 ๆ™‚้–“ ๅ‰
  • I would like if you do it with xxxtentacio whith him a rapp music but no he died

    Luis86rg day6ufLuis86rg day6uf21 ๆ™‚้–“ ๅ‰
  • The song was dope

    Elisha MelkeElisha Melke22 ๆ™‚้–“ ๅ‰
  • I get a iPhone11

    Imani BursonImani Burson22 ๆ™‚้–“ ๅ‰
  • Hey

    Imani BursonImani Burson22 ๆ™‚้–“ ๅ‰
  • i loved the song and lil pump

    Katie AllenKatie Allen22 ๆ™‚้–“ ๅ‰
  • I know real hip hop sound like but this is trash

    jb not hotjb not hot22 ๆ™‚้–“ ๅ‰
  • This song sucks

    Austin MickeyAustin Mickey23 ๆ™‚้–“ ๅ‰
  • lil pump is fake...๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿฅณ๐Ÿคฏ๐Ÿ™ƒ

    Crazy gamerCrazy gamer23 ๆ™‚้–“ ๅ‰
  • Can I get the iPhone 11

    Jose LuisJose Luis23 ๆ™‚้–“ ๅ‰